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How to Start at Tradition: Make Really, Really Big Meatballs

9/15/2016 |


Our one-pound meatballs are available to buy at both Frigo store locations in Springfield and Longmeadow.
It’s just about that time again. Fall is in the air, mornings are getting cooler, Sunday night football has returned and the fairgrounds are opening. This weekend we will be back at the Big E for what has become a Frigo’s fall tradition- it’s onepound meatball eating time! When we were first asked to sell our meatballs at the Big E, we were reluctant but it turns out that meatballs are the perfect fair food. Baked at our store and kept warm and simmering in our homemade marinara sauce, it’s a carnival meal that will fill you up in a satisfyingly flavorful way. Not in the typical greasy, fried fair food kind of a way. To those doubtful they’re getting a one pound ball of meat (beef, pork AND veal)- we’ve weighed each and every one and are ready to turn you into a believer. We even designed custom containers so that you can bring these saucy creations home with you. Frigos one-pound meatballs were the result of us just having some delicious fun in our kitchen. Now, thousands of pounds of meat later, we’re excited to return to the Big E for year three. Come hungry and we guarantee you will leave happy.

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