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Before the meal - An explanation of “antipasto”

12/14/2015 | Anina Kostecki


“To pick”, “to enjoy”, “little tastes”, “to relish”. Italians have an assortment of phrases to describe the ritual of antipasto. Literally translated, antipasto means “before the meal” or “before the pasta” and it signals the beginning of the feast. It is also a wonderful way to feed a room full of hungry people. And nobody does THAT better than Frigos. Artfully arranged and full of variety, our antipasti offer an assortment of imported cured meats, cheeses, pickles and olives.

A good antipasto should be colorful - bright green olives, spicy red soppressata, pink prosciutto presented on top of a bed of deep purple kale. It should look like a work of art on the table and it is meant to trigger all of the senses. The sourness of the relishes, the sharpness of the provolone are countered with buttery mortadella and sweet capicola. Color, texture, contrasting flavors, it is a party on a platter.

This informal gathering “before the meal” is the fun part. It’s the time when everyone catches up and shouts their greetings from across the room. Personalities as colorful and as varied as the antipasti itself linger together “to pick” and “to taste” and enjoy! 

Order your antipasto platter from Frigos for your next holiday party.

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